Best Mobile Bar Service in Singapore

It is hard to Imagine an outing with friends without a cocktail, even more difficult to imagine a party without one. When planning an event, be it a tiny family gathering, or a party, you will spend a whole lot of time planning everything crafting the theme and the overall design of the party and working on the menu. When it comes to choosing the drinks you have several choices: to go with the traditional wine/champagne policy, to employ a bartender or to acquire full bar services. The advantages of having your own private mixologist functioning are endless. Beautiful theme drinks that do taste heavenly, but are also a work of art in a glass to surprising them from treating your guests to their favourite cocktails.

If you live in You and Singapore are currently looking catering, searching for a professional company that would take on responsibility being catered by the drinks, you simply can not do Mixes from Mars. This is the one of a kind project that provides bar services that are portablethat every single bartender for hire involved in this mobile bar service is currently functioning in an up-scale bar in Singapore. What this means is that when hiring Mixes from Mars, you are getting a personal mixologists with years of experience, unparalleled serving the know-how, professional ethics, and techniques to make the eye-catching and most delicious cocktails.
Mixes from Mars Began in April 2013 and ever since then this mobile bar services attended to hundreds of event, from intimate classy gathering to corporate parties to extravagant parties with hundreds of guests, every time proving that having your own private mixologist and personal bartenders is next big thing in events management. Aside of providing bar service, Mixes from Mars, have some workshop for example. If you ever thought of trying your hand or you want to know how to make your favorite drink the manner, you could attend one of the workshops organized by the Mixes from Mars. Cocktail Workshops are also a great team building activity for your employees (just make sure not one has to return to the office afterwards).
So next time You’re planning an event don’t hesitate to invite from Mars to bartend For you and all of your guests will have the time of their lives. It is The bartender who can make any occasion seem like a round success.

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